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The Beginning.

Since being a kid, 7 years old, I have been obsessed with music.  In one form or another.

I started life playing trombone, and with that came learning the language of music.  That is to say, learning how to read, write and perform music.  


Later in life, around 17 years old, I picked up guitar.  I skipped RME in high school and caught extra lessons in my new found ‘spare’ time.

Then my best mate and I spent the next few years, practising in my parents garage, learning to sing in the process.  We were crap, but we learned the hard way, and we got better.  

We formed a band, playing indie rock and roll and then grew the bug for playing live. 


What I have realised is, playing live is one of life’s natural highs, the adrenaline rush when on stuff is truly tangible.  

But it's not just that.  The connection.  I have realised that whole whole adult life I have been forging friendships, speaking to music fans, and creating new relationships with other humans that share the same passion for music.  With that passion comes strongly forged opinions. 

So, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.  

Thank you for showing up to my website.  

I know that you are here, on this page, right now, because you have heard or seen something you like from me.  You have forged the opinion that i’m working looking into and listening further. 

As a thank you, I offer you a spot on my VIP club. 

If you join the club you will be the first to know about tour dates, access to material, access to behind the scenes and special gifts from time to time.


I’m here because you believe in me.  Thank you.

Chasing Stones - Available Now

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